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Business Expansion to Surabaya, GetPlus Indonesia Ready to Support Local Partners to Increase Customer Satisfaction

Published on 
November 24, 2022

Business Expansion to Surabaya, GetPlus Indonesia Ready to Support Local Partners to Increase Customer Satisfaction

The points scheme of GetPlus supports the smart shopping pattern so that shopping can be more rewarding and more satisfying every day.

From left to right: Tjahyono Haryono (Chairman of the East Java Cafe and Restaurant Entrepreneurs Association), Rosiana Alim (Social Media Influencer), Adrian Hoon (Chief Operating Officer of GetPlus)

Surabaya, November 24, 2022 - After three years in the Jabodetabek area, GetPlus, a coalition of application-based loyalty programs, will be present in Surabaya. GetPlus itself provides satisfaction for its users to get points from shopping transactions by uploading shopping receipts which can later be exchanged for attractive offers from 250 partner merchants and 1000 other merchants from various categories, namely F&B, Supermarkets and Minimarkets, Beauty, Fashion, Health, e-Commerce, Travel, Bank, Health Services, FMCG, and Shopping Centers. Currently, GetPlus users have reached 500,000. As mentioned above, closing of 2022, GetPlus took the initiative to expand its market share to Surabaya to make it easier for the people of Surabaya to shop and get additional benefits from these transactions.  

Adrian Hoon, Chief Operating Officer of GetPlus, explained, "Indonesian people are smart buyers, as proven by GetPlus users in Jabodetabek. They appreciate GetPlus reward points, where GetPlus can increase the value of shopping activities and benefit from daily and monthly expenses. The presence of GetPlus in Surabaya is one step for us to become a loyalty program for various brands that cover all of Indonesia, where people can enjoy reward benefits from their daily offline and online shopping activities."  

As a first step, GetPlus is present in Surabaya and working with Tunjungan Plaza and Pakuwon Mall starting November 1, 2022, where the people of Surabaya can get GetPlus points by shopping at all merchants from the two malls. Apart from malls, users can also earn points by shopping at Penyetan Cok, Bebek Prestasi, Suteki Sushi, KKULDAK, Cinema XXI, Inul Vista Karaoke, Your Bags Spa, Eprise, Watch Studio, Hush Puppies, and several FMCG brands such as Gambino Coffee, WRP, Hometown Milk, Heavenly Blush, Sunpride Lyfe, and big Supermarkets in Surabaya such as Ranch Market, Hokky, and Hypermart.  


Currently, GetPlus focuses on increasing the number of brand partner categories needed by everyday users, where GetPlus users can easily earn points and users can more quickly and regularly exchange their points for the rewards they want. GetPlus users can also exchange their points into airasia or Singapore Airlines miles or in the form of an e-Wallet such as DANA. The launch of GetPlus in Surabaya, of course, also cooperates with local brands from Surabaya as partners.  


"In Surabaya, cafe and restaurant entrepreneurs are numerous and varied. As business people, of course, you must have 'something' to get consumers. With the reward system presented by GetPlus, it can be a special attraction for businesspeople involved in F&B and other industries because it can provide additional benefits for their customers and build consumer loyalty. We are incredibly open to numerous opportunities that can grow the economy of the people of Surabaya," said Tjahyono Haryono, Chairman of the East Java Cafe and Restaurant Entrepreneurs Association.  


"We are optimistic that we can partner with 50 local partners in Surabaya and get 100,000 new members within the next one year. Not only that, but we will also continue to work on adding registered partners, such as service categories, digital banks, fin-tech, insurance, and others, where this can increase the opportunity for GetPlus users to get more points quickly. At the launch opportunity in Surabaya, we also provided a referral code GETPLUS_SUB for new downloaders of the GetPlus application via the Google Store or Appstore and immediately received a bonus of 30,000 points and an additional 20,000 when transacting on one of the GetPlus features. We will also introduce a new feature soon, where users can share rewards with friends and family, make payments with GetPlus points, or exchange points with other users on the GetPlus marketplace. All our efforts are a step towards expanding GetPlus' reach throughout Indonesia." closed Adrian.  

About GetPlus  


GetPlus is a loyalty program for various brands in Indonesia. Users can get points from daily offline and online shopping at different merchant categories. With GetPlus, users can exchange their points for a wide selection of shopping vouchers, services, or physical products from multiple partners. Since its launch in 2019, GetPlus has had over 500,000 users and over 250 registered merchants.

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