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GetPlus Launches the First AI-Based Retail Media Network in Indonesia

Published on 
January 17, 2024

Jakarta, January 15, 2024 - GetPlus, a Loyalty Program company that has more than one million members, now expanding its business by launching the first Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based Retail Media Network in Indonesia. This initiative aligns with GetPlus mission to fully manage the loyalty strategies of its retail partners. With the presence of the GetPlus Retail Media Network placed in leading retail networks, retail partners can obtain more accurate first party data from an AI-based advertising platform that can be personalized in real-time and measurable.


Adrian Hoon, Co-Founder & COO/CMO of GetPlus Indonesia explains, “Our mission at GetPlus is to work with our retail partners and also brands to fully manage their loyalty strategies, identify key customer insights and trends, and maximize their marketing ROI to boost sales. We build, develop, and strengthen our partners' relationships with their customers through our advanced digital, data, and analytical capabilities which are supported by the technology from AWL.Inc Japan.”


The AWL’s technology has been implemented by global modern retailers including AEON, Lawson, and Family Mart. AWL has installed more than 15,000 cameras in over 3,000 locations in Japan.


Muneharu Kitade, President Representative Director and CEO (Founder) AWL.Inc provides the perspective that, “There are two camera technologies that we have prepared for the GetPlus Retail Media Network: Digital Signage, which can recognize faces, age, gender, and the duration customers view video ads in real-time. Then, a multi-camera system that can analyze customer behavior in real life. The combination of these two camera technologies will provide in-depth insights into accurately measured customer demographics and behavior.”


In today's dynamic retail landscape, industry players require solutions that go beyond traditional advertising and can be measured for effectiveness. The hope is that the existence of this channel serves not only as a solution but also can contribute to the growth of the retail industry ecosystem in Indonesia.


The GetPlus Retail Media Network is anticipated to deliver significant benefits for brands, fostering customer engagement that drives conversions and diminishes preferences for specific brands. Concurrently, retailers can expect increased revenue and enhanced customer shopping experiences as part of the advantages. Furthermore, customers stand to gain by receiving personalized advertisements that are more relevant. For the first time, the GetPlus Retail Media Network will be implemented in the retail network of Supra Boga Lestari, specifically at Ranch Market Grand Indonesia and Farmers Market Summarecon Mall Kelapa Gading.

Maria Suwarni, Chief Merchandising & Marketing Officer of PT Supra Boga Lestari Tbk, explained the reasons for their use of the GetPlus Retail Media Network. "We want to implement the GetPlus Retail Media Network to optimize our relationship with customers through a retail approach and provide a new tool for brands or advertisers. Now, they can advertise not only through the Gondola but also utilize the screens available in our stores. We believe that with this approach, we can create a more interactive and competitive shopping experience while adding value to customers and supporting brand marketing strategies more effectively."

“We introduce the Retail Media Network as a new channel for brands/advertisers and retailers to understand their consumers. This enables brands to target tailored messages to the right audience in strategic locations, with the goal of achieving optimal Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS). Considering the novelty of this channel, we will conduct market research and adjust our strategy based on the insights gained.” Closed Adrian.

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About GetPlus Indonesia

GetPlus is a loyalty program for various brands in Indonesia. Users can earn points from daily shopping activities both offline and online across various merchant categories. With GetPlus, users can redeem their points for a wide range of shopping vouchers, services, or physical products from various partners. Since its launch in 2019, GetPlus has garnered more than 1,000,000 users and more than 500 registered merchants.

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