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GetPlus, a Multi-Brand Loyalty Program, Launches Counter in Grand Indonesia

Published on 
September 9, 2019

GetPlus, a multi-brand loyalty program, launches its counter at Grand Indonesia West Mall Level 2, on Monday, 9 September 2019.

Previously, GetPlus has successfully acquired tens of thousands of new members through its booth located at Grand Indonesia FoodPrint Level 5 since early July this year.

GetPlus Counter provides opportunities for mall visitors who want to get more from their daily shopping activities. Every loyal customer who purchases from any tenant at Grand Indonesia and swaps shopping receipts for GetPlus points at the counter can redeem their points with more than 100 rewards in the GetPlus app.

Located next to the G CARD Counter, GetPlus’ presence provides more benefits to loyal visitors of Grand Indonesia. G CARD owners can now easily exchange their points into GetPlus points, which provide more reward options that can be redeemed at any time.

Each G CARD holder who exchanges their points for GetPlus points will get a shopping, meal, or electronic voucher from Sodexo, Boga, or Central worth Rp50,000. On top of that, consumers will also receive an additional Rp150,000 voucher discount.

GetPlus co-founder Adrian Hoon said, "We are very pleased to work with Grand Indonesia where we can provide more value for mall visitors and G CARD members through the GetPlus ecosystem. The current GetPlus activity at Grand Indonesia is to demonstrate to GetPlus and G CARD members that they can get multiple points from one transaction."

"Through multiple sources to earn points, all of them can be collected into one GetPlus membership account. GetPlus members can get a lot of benefits from one transaction, within a short time. GetPlus Counter at Grand Indonesia is here to facilitate and help our members how to get more benefits from everyday shopping transactions," he added.

About GetPlus

GetPlus is a multi-brand loyalty program that offers you the fastest way to earn points across all payment methods for your everyday shopping.

Since first launched in February 2019, GetPlus has acquired more than 110.000 users. Every new member will receive 20.000 bonus points upon registration which can be redeemed with more than 100 rewards from reputable brands such as MAP, Sodexo, CT Corps, Boga Group, IKEA, and many more.

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