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GetPlus Helps Partners and Members through #StayAtHome Campaign

Published on 
April 21, 2020

GetPlus, a coalition loyalty program application was launched in February 2019, enables a single membership to earn and redeem reward points from their everyday shopping across GetPlus merchant’s partner network. It has acquired more than 190.000 members to date and has been collaborating with well-known brands such as Reward BCA, Grand Indonesia,, and over 40 partners in Travel, F&B, Beauty and Wellness, eCommerce, Shopping Malls, Insurance, Consumer Services, and Fashion Apparel categories.

During this challenging time, many of us are practicing social distancing and work from home to avoid the risk of exposure. This unprecedented situation has badly affected our F&B partners’ business due to loss of usual dine-in customers. As most of our members work from home and avoid going out to dine, GetPlus launched an “Order-in and Earn Reward Points” campaign - “Tetap #DapetinLebih meski #dirumahaja”. This campaign’s objective is to entice our members to order more frequently from our F&B partners by rewarding them with GetPlus points. Members just need to scan and upload their delivery receipt to their GetPlus Mobile App, and points will be rewarded within 5 mintues. This campaign not only drives business to our partners but also allows our members continue to earn points while at home. Besides earning points from order-ins, members can continue to earn points from our eCommerce partners.

In partnership with Reward BCA program, BCA credit cardholders will earn 100% bonus GetPlus points by converting their BCA Reward to GetPlus points during this period. With the additional points, BCA Cardholders can redeem a vast selection of home cleaning products, health supplements, kids activities, gadget and electronics etc. All redeemed products will be delivered to their home for free by our eCommerce partners.

GetPlus mission is to provide benefits to both members and partners by rewarding members for their everyday shopping within our merchant partners network. This is so that they are able to earn points frequently, thus being able to make a meaningful redemption within a short period of time from any partner in the network. As the members enjoy the benefits, they will stay loyal to our partners, helping to retain existing customers, increase customer lifetime value, build personalized relationships and create brand advocates. GetPlus will continue to develop mutual benefits campaigns to support our partners and while delivering value to our members during this difficult time.

It is a free membership program that you can download from App Store, Google Play Store or visit for more information.

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